Building Tradition

Accessible Bathrooms Designed to Keep You Safe

Curbless Showers

With no step or curb to navigate, these showers are ideal for those with ideal for those with mobility issues or anyone seeking a more convenient and safer shower experience. Our curb-less showers are designed to seamlessly blend with your bathroom decor, making them both functional and stylish. Plus, they offer easy maintenance and cleaning, with no need to worry about mold or mildew buildup in hard-to-reach areas. Choose Building Tradition for your curb-less shower installation and enjoy a beautiful and practical upgrade to your bathroom.

Eliminate Barriers

Easy to clean, and accessible for all. What's not to love about our barrier-free bathrooms? They're functional, easy-to-clean and with our quality guarantee, they will last alongside you for years to come.

European Style Washrooms

We build both beautiful and practical washrooms. Consider introducing a "wet-room" style bathroom (all tile)into your home and ask us about our expertise with WEDI tile. Our bathrooms are tailored to your satisfaction, designed with your best interests in mind.

Unlock Freedom and Independence 

Live comfortably now and in the future. At Building Tradition, our homes are designed to make life easier for you. We build bathrooms with safety, accessibility and style in mind, so you have the perfect washroom that is both stylish and comfortable well into your retirement days.


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