Conceptual Model Plan Package

      by: Building Tradition

Are you thinking of a renovation, or new build and don't know where to start?

The Conceptual Model Plan Package by Building Tradition is the solution you need! Instead of investing in expensive designers or architects right away, our comprehensive package provides you with the essential tools to
navigate through countless ideas and considerations efficiently. We
offer the missing piece you need – a contractor's perspective,
experience, and foresight – to help you save valuable resources of money
and time. By working with us during the Model Planning stage, we
concentrate on 3D Modelling and the ultimate vision, allowing you to
approach designers fully prepared, armed with a solid foundation. Embrace a streamlined approach towards your dream project. 

We understand that planning a construction project can be overwhelming, but with our Comprehensive Conceptual Model Plan, you can rest assured that our team will guide you through the planning process, from the initial consultation to the final product.  Transform your vision into reality! 

What Our  Conceptual Model Plan Package Includes:

You will receive three Model Drafts. The purpose of each draft phase is to reach a final quote for you so you have a comprehensive understanding of pricing  to help you feel confident and secure about your investment.

1. A Two-Hour In-Home Conceptual Model Consultation: We prioritise your needs, ensuring that every aspect of your project is thoroughly discussed.At this beginning stage, our team will meet with you for an hour and attentively listen to all your questions and ideas, fostering a collaborative environment for brainstorming and exploring creative opportunities. We will discuss the proposal and gather a list of your desires and review them. In the next hour, our team will take measurements, gather necessary details and review the house/project.

 2. Model Draft #1: Within 7-10 business days you will receive a first draft set of model plans and a first quote for you to review.

3. Follow-Up Conceptual Model Sessions- Phone Call  (Up to One Hour) As Needed: We believe in maintaining open lines of communication. Our follow-up sessions provide the perfect platform to review the answers to your questions, ensuring that we have a clear understanding of your requirements. We will work together to refine and condense your ideas, making any necessary changes along the way.

4. Model Draft #2 : After reviewing your ideas and making appropriate revisions, you will receive another Model Draft and an updated quote reflecting any necessary revisions and changes.

 5. Follow-Up Revision Consultation : Phone Call #2(Up to One Hour) As Needed.

6. Final Set of Draft Plans: Included in this package is a final detailed set of model plans that you can keep for future reference. These plans are ready for review by an engineer, encompassing a 3D lifelike and realistic representation of your project. This visual aid will help you visualise the end result and make informed decisions. These plans can also be sent out to other contractors, making it easy for you to work with others. You will also receive your final revised estimate at this stage. 

🏡 Personalized Consultation: Collaborate with our experts in the comfort of your own home. Your questions will be heard, and your ideas will take centre stage.

📞 Continuous Support: Benefit from follow-up sessions to refine your ideas and make necessary adjustments. We're here to guide you every step of the way.                                                                                                            

📐 Detailed Model Plans: Immerse yourself in lifelike 3D representations that bring your vision to life. Make informed decisions and visualize your dream project.                                                                                                                

🔄 Flexibility and Revisions: Your satisfaction is our top priority. Enjoy a revision consultation to ensure your evolving needs are met, and your project vision remains on track.

 💼 Confidence in Execution: Obtain accurate quotes from other contractors and suppliers with our revised building plans and material schedules. Move forward with certainty. Experience the Building Tradition difference. Let us turn your vision into a remarkable reality.


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